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27/02/2015 - Research
2015-2016 Call for Applications

Two Post-doctoral Positions, within the project Perso-Indica

Application Form

2015-2016 Call for Applications

Two Post-doctoral Positions, within the project «Perso-Indica». University Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris - Friedrich-Wilhelm University, Bonn


General information


Two post-doctoral full-time positions are offered within the project «Perso-Indica: the Persanisation of Indian learning (13th-19th centuries)» funded by the Franco-German Program in Social Sciences and Humanities of the French National Research Agency (ANR) and the German Research Foundation (DFG). The ANR-DFG project is coordinated by Fabrizio Speziale (University Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris) and Eva Orthmann (Friedrich-Wilhelm University, Bonn). The ANR funded position will be attached to the University Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris (UMR 7528 Mondes iranien et indien), while the DFG funded position will be attached to the Friedrich-Wilhelm University, Bonn (Institute for Oriental and Asian Studies).


Candidates should demonstrate the ability to work on primary sources in Persian and a working knowledge in at least one Indian language (Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, etc.) and should be well familiar with the topics of the Perso-Indica project (see:


Terms and conditions of Positions


The positions are awarded for one year beginning in October 2015. The positions offer a salary for the entire period at the rates applied by the ANR and the DFG for post-doctoral positions.


Positions are residential and selected candidates are required to live in Paris or Bonn. Selected candidates are required to devote their time to collaborate to the main activities of the project, such as the writing and edition of the entries of the Survey and the organization of the Perso-Indica conferences. For the position in Bonn, selected candidates should be able and willing to work on Persian glossaries of Indic terms. Selected candidates will be asked to submit a short report at the end of position.


Application procedures


Complete applications and letters from referees should be submitted by 30th April 2015. Results will be announced at the end of May 2015. Shortlisted candidates can be asked for an online interview. PhD students can also apply but they must have submitted their dissertation at the time of beginning of post.


Scholars interested to apply are invited to submit the following:


- An application form which can be download at the top of the page

- A research proposal of maximum three pages, excluding bibliography. The applicant must explain in what way(s) his/her research constitutes a contribution to the Perso-Indica project and (s)he must clearly indicate the works of the Survey on which (s)he propose to contribute. Proposals which do not take into account the specific topics of the Perso-Indica project cannot be considered.

- A curriculum vitae including the list of publications

- Copies of two significant publications or writings

- Two letters of recommendation which should be sent directly by the referees


Applications and letters from referees should be sent via e-mail to Fabrizio Speziale ( and Eva Orthmann ( Results will be announced at the end of May 2015.


A new call for application will be announced for 2016-2017. Candidates selected for the 2015-2016 positions are eligible to apply for the 2016-2017 positions.