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08 January 2019 - Research

Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Perso-Indica has been awarded a fund of 17,940,000 JPY from KAKENHI (Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research - Fostering Joint International Research Category B) of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science under the subject of “Studies on Cultural Pluralism in Early Modern South Asia: With Special Reference to Translation.” This KAKENHI project will examine multilingual translation texts produced chiefly in the provincial dynasties and Princely States of South Asia in the Early Modern period.

The KAKENHI project is coordinated by Nobuhiro OTA (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, TUFS, Tokyo), Nobuaki KONDO (TUFS), Satoshi OGURA (TUFS), Kazuyo SAKAKI (Hokkaido Musashi Women’s College, Sapporo), Kiyokazu OKITA (Sophia University, Tokyo) and Fabrizio SPEZIALE (EHESS, Paris).