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Support Perso-Indica

Donors who are interested in supporting the research activities of Perso-Indica are encouraged to write to:

The advancement of the aims of the project (location and analysis of manuscripts, writing articles to be published in Perso-Indica, the organisation of conferences, the development of analytical tools, etc.) requires considerable resources. Huge efforts are necessary to gain access to the primary sources concerned by Perso-Indica. Most of them are preserved only in manuscript form and are kept in a number of libraries and smaller collections scattered in South Asia, Iran, Central Asia and several Western countries.

Donations will only be used to promote and advance a series of research activities related to the project:

- Acquisition of digital copies of manuscripts and lithographs of texts concerned by the survey.

- Carrying out research missions in South Asia and in manuscript collections.

- Award of short and long term fellowships to promising scholars in this field (funding a Perso-Indica fellowship carries naming opportunities for donors).

- Organisation of Perso-Indica conferences and workshops.

- Development of digital tools for the online survey.

- Publications related to the project (expenses for printed volumes, copy editing of articles, etc.). However, donations will not be used to remunerate contributors for writing articles.