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Rāy Šiv Paršād, Faraḥ-baḫš-i jān

[Preliminary Entry] The Persian translation of Bīrsīnghdevacarīta of Kišav Dās Mišra which is a laudatory account in Hindi language relating the major events of the reign of rajah Bīr Sīngh Deo (r. 1605-1626) of Orchha (Bundelkhand), known as the murderer of Abū al-Fażl, Akbar’s prime minister.  Rāy Šiv Paršād prepared the Persian version in 1244/1828-1829 at the request of Turner Macan (d. 1836). Faraḥ-baḫš-i jān is a chronogram title for the date 1244 of the Hejira. The original work contained thirty-three chapters named ḏikr, yet the translator has added two more chapters containing some information on the family of the raja. 

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London, British Library, India Office, 2933, 80 ff.

, v)

It was presented to the India Office Library on October 17, 1842

, viii)

Ethé 1903, p. 189



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Main Persian Title: Faraḥ-baḫš-i jān
Original Sources:

Kišav Dās Mišra


Year / Period of Composition: 1244/1828-1829