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Yusūf ibn Muḥammad, Qaṣīda dar luġāt-i hindī

[Preliminary Entry] The Qaṣīda dar luġāt-i hindī (Poem on the Indian language) is a short metrical text on Indian medical terms. Its author Yusūf ibn Muḥammad, who used the pen name of Yusūfī, was a poet and a physician who dedicated other medical treatises to the Mughal emperors Bābur (r. 1526-1530) and Humāyūn (r. 1531-1540 and 1555-1556) and perhaps was also the secretary of the latter.

F. S.


Téhéran, Kitābḫāna-yi Dānišgāh, 2569/3


Work in verses
Main Persian Title: Qaṣīda dar luġāt-i hindī
English Translation of Main Persian Title: Poem on the Indian language
Author: Yusūf ibn Muḥammad
Approximate period of composition: 1530-1555