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Monography or Translations of known period
Yaḥyā al-Kābulī, Lahajāt-i Sikandar-šāhī

[Preliminary Entry] The Lahajāt-i Sikandar-šāhī is a treatise in seven chapters (bāb) based on Sanskrit sources. It was written by Yaḥyā al-Kābulī at the instance of Miyān Bhuwa Ḫān, a noble of the court, and it was dedicated to the sultan of Delhi Sikandar Lodī (r. 1489-1517).


Sarmadee, Shahab, ed., 1999, Lehjāt-e-Sikandershāhi, Indian Council of Historical Research – Northern Book Centre, New Delhi

Main Persian Title: Lahajāt-i Sikandar-šāhī
Author: Yaḥyā al-Kābulī
Approximate period of composition: 1489-1517
Commissioner: Miyān Bhuwa Ḫān