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Anand Rām Muḫliṣ, Rāḥat al-faras

[Preliminary Entry] The Rāḥat al-faras is a translation in four chapters (bāb) of the Śālihotra which was made at the request of Himmat Ḫān. It was translated by Anand Rām Muḫliṣ (d. 1164/1751), a member of the Khatrī family of Lahore who wrote several other Persian works both in verse and prose. He was a pupil of Bēdil (d. 1720) and is considered as one of the most eminent Hindu poets who wrote in Persian. Some copies of the Rāḥat al-faras were illustrated with miniatures, one of which shows Śālihotra teaching his book to a Raja.


Schmitz, Barbara - Desai, Ziyauddin, 2006, Mughal and Persian Paintings and Illustrated Manuscripts in The Raza Library, Rampur - New Delhi, pp. 117-118, pl. 200

Illustrated work
Main Persian Title: Rāḥat al-faras
Translator: Anand Rām Muḫliṣ
Original Sources:
Other Persian texts quoting this Original Source:
Qurrat al-mulk, Faras-nāma, Tarjuma-yi Sālōtar-i asbān, Tuḥfa al-faras, Tuḥfa-yi kān-i ‘ilāj-i asp.
Commissioner: Himmat Ḫān