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Qurrat al-mulk

[Preliminary Entry] The Śālihotra (Sālōtar in Persian) is a classic Sanskrit work on horses and their treatment that was translated into Persian several times in India. The Qurrat al-mulk is an anonymous adaptation divided into eleven or twelve chapters (bāb) which was made at the request of sultan Ġiyāt al-Dīn Šāh Ḫaljī (r. 1469-1500) of Malwa.


Rieu, Charles, 1883, Catalogue of the Persian Manuscripts in the British Museum. London, vol. 3, p. 1011

Main Persian Title: Qurrat al-mulk
Original Sources:
Approximate period of composition: 1469-1500
Commissioner: Ġiyāt al-Dīn Šāh Ḫaljī