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Monography or Translations of known period
Żiyā’ al-Dīn Naḫšabī, Kokaśāstra (Laḏḏat al-nisā’)

[Preliminary Entry] A Persian adaptation of the Kokaśāstra (or Ratirahasya) by Pandit Kokkoka. The translation is commonly attributed to the Sufi Żiyā’ al-Dīn Naḫšabī (d. around 751/1350-51) who was also the author of a famous Persian translation of the Śūkasaptatī (Ṭūṭī nāma). Many copies and illustrated copies of this work made during the Mughal and post-Mughal epochs are preserved.

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Biblio : Monzavī, Aḥmad, 1382 š./2003, Fihristwāra-i kitābhā-yi fārsī. Téhéran, vol. 5, pp. 3663-3664

Illustrated work
Main Persian Title: Kokaśāstra (Laḏḏat al-nisā’)
Translator: Żiyā’ al-Dīn Naḫšabī
Original Sources:
Pandit Kokkoka, Kokaśāstra.
Other Persian texts quoting this Original Source:
Kokaśāstra, Kokaśāstra (Laḏḏat al-nisā’), Kokaśāstra (Laḏḏat al-nisā’).