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14 September 2013 - Article
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Bayān-i ‘ibādat-i mukh-hā - Majmū‘a-yi Šamsī

Bayān-i ‘ibādat-i mukh-hā ba-nām-i Takādībā     by Thibaut d'Hubert (University of Chicago, Chicago). The Bayān-i ‘ibādat-i mukh-hā ba-nām-i Takādībā (Discourse on the religious practices of the Maghs titled The lamp of generosity) is a treatise on the ten perfections of Buddhism translated from the Arakanese. Read article

Majmū‘a-yi Šamsī by Fabrizio Speziale (University Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris). The Majmū‘a-yi Šamsī (Collection of Šams) is the earliest recorded Persian work on Ayurvedic medicine written in India. The text is not extant but is mentioned in a few works of later Muslim authors. Read article