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Miyān Bhuwa ibn Ḫawāṣṣ Ḫān, Ma‘dan al-šifā’-i Sikandar-šāhī

[Preliminary Entry] The Ma‘dan al-šifā’-i Sikandar-šāhī, known also as Ṭibb-i Sikandarī, was compiled in 918/1512 by Miyān Bhuwa Ḫān, probably with the help of local pandits. Miyān Bhuwa Ḫān was a vizier at the Delhi-based court of Sikandar Lodī (r. 1489-1517), to whom he dedicated the work. It is a general manual describing various medical topics. It lists in the beginning the Sanskrit sources used, among which are the works of Caraka, Suśruta, Jātukarṇa, Bhoja, Vāgbhaṭa and Vṛnda. The work found a considerable circulation among Indo-Muslim physicians, and it was also translated in Urdu.

F. S.

Lithograph:  Ma‘dan al-šifā’-i Sikandar-šāhī, Lucknow, Nawal Kišor, 1293/1877, pp. 492.

Urdu translation: Mujarrabāt-i Ṭibb-i Sikandarī, Šayḫ Muḥammad ‘Aẓīm Allāh, ed., Kanpur, 1902.

Main Persian Title: Ma‘dan al-šifā’-i Sikandar-šāhī
Author: Miyān Bhuwa ibn Ḫawāṣṣ Ḫān
Alternative Title(s):
Ṭibb-i Sikandarī
Year / Period of Composition: 917/1512
Place: Agra 
Dedicatee: Sikandar Lodī  
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