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Qāżī Ḥasan Dawlatābādī, Tuḥfa al-faras

[Preliminary Entry] The Tuḥfa al-faras is a work based on the Śālihotra. It was written in 1061/1650 by Qāżī Ḥasan Dawlatābādī. It is divided into ten chapters, the last two of which are devoted to the pathology and treatment of horses.


Monzavī, Aḥmad, 1382 š./2003, Fihristwāra-i kitābhā-yi fārsī. Téhéran, vol. 5, pp. 3803-3804

Main Persian Title: Tuḥfa al-faras
Translator: Qāżī Ḥasan Dawlatābādī
Original Sources:
Year / Period of Composition: 1059/1650