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Giridhar Dās, Rāmāyan of Giridhar Dās

[Preliminary Entry] Giridhar Dās composed a versified Persian Rāmāyan during Jahangir’s reign (1605-1627). Giridhar Dās dedicated his work to Jahangir, although whether the emperor received it is unknown. The work has been little studied but appears to cast the epic as a hero’s tale.

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described by Sharma 1993



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Work in verses
Main Persian Title: Rāmāyan of Giridhar Dās
Translator: Giridhar Dās
Original Sources:
Alternative Title(s):
Mathnavī-i Rāmāyan
Year / Period of Composition: 1033/1623-1624

ثنا و شکر آن بخشنده جانرا / پدید آورد کوهر دو حهانرا

Dedicatee: Jahangir